Calling all Maps! A poem...

Posted By: Joe Martell Events, Annual Conference,
Map Call - An Ode to the Map Contest by Joe Martell

We love your maps, we love them all
That’s why we’re sending another map call.

The lines are straight, the legend is done
Time for the contest and have some fun.

One by one you turn them in
and for the judges, where to begin.

Your unique work, give it time to shine
Let all of the folks, come see how fine.

There are many groups to put your map in
consider carefully and perhaps you will win.

Our call for those maps they can grow quite dreary
Save us, save us, put yours in the map query.

So, you get the gist it would seem
Please turn them in or next we’ll be making a meme.

(Oops, too late.  Bert and Ernie are here to remind you to register your map or app in the WLIA Map Contest held at the Annual Conference!  All the details can be found on the Map Contest Page.  Thanks to Joe Martell for his mighty pen, extolling the virtues of not procrastinating on that special project you've worked so hard on.)Bert and Ernie