Track Spotlight: Enterprise Exploration at the Annual Conference

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Track Spotlight

Today we spotlight a track from the upcoming Annual Conference.  For all the latest details, check the Event Page and the News so you don't miss a thing.

Join us in the Marula Room at 10:30-12:00 on Thursday where we’ll take a journey through all things Enterprise GIS.  See below for the great lineup of presentations:

Asset Management and Enterprise


  • Andy Bartell, Project Manager/GIS Specialist, ITpipes

Proper identification of physical and digital assets is an imperative asset management component. In local and municipal organizations, one essential asset type that requires appropriate asset identifiers is buried sewer infrastructure. Knowing where an asset is located, the condition of that asset, and how to uniquely identify that asset is critical to properly managing the infrastructure component.

Using a Geographic Information System (GIS) to manage physical infrastructure assets is a popular and well-established method for asset management. Using a GIS like Esri’s products is a common and standard way to manage asset IDs for physical assets and infrastructure.

This presentation will discuss best practices for designing, creating, and managing asset IDs using Esri GIS

Branch Versioning in a Multi-Agency Environment


  • Kim Meinert, LIS Analyst, Waukesha County
  • Chris Dickerson, LIS Analyst, Waukesha County
  • Brad Blumer, GIS Coordinator, City of Waukesha
  • Megan Roessler, GIS Analyst, City of Waukesha

In 2022, Waukesha County and three of its municipal partners began production in the ArcPro Parcel Fabric using branch versioning, each municipality editing their own area within the County’s database to achieve one seamless dataset. We’ll talk just a little bit about our Parcel Fabric conversion, but mostly come to learn about our journey as we discuss licensing, accommodating local workflows, database administration, and most importantly, building trust. Kim Meinert and Chris Dickerson of Waukesha County will be joined by the GIS staff of one of those municipalities – Brad Blumer and Megan Roessler of the City of Waukesha – so that you’re sure to get both sides of the story.

SQL Enterprise Geodatabase Tips & Tricks


  • Scott Daniel, GIS Developer/ Specialist, GRAEF USA

We’ll peek under the hood of SQL Spatial databases and show you how you can easily update attribute domains, field order and field type. We’ll also explore the advantages of views for calculated values, dynamic labels, and layers.