Fall Regional Spotlight: Revolutionizing Local Governance

Posted By: Doug Avoles Fall Regional,

Today we're spotlighting one of our sessions for the 2023 Fall Regional at the Pointe Hotel and Suites in Minocqua, October 18-20.  Register today from the Event Page and check out all the important hotel and agenda details.

Land Information For the People! – This session will dazzle you with a look into of one of the many public facing Beacon web map applications from Schneider Geospatial sprouting up around Wisconsin.  Ryan Smith, from Schneider Geospatial, will present the new Trempealeau County Beacon site and delve into the ways this site is revolutionizing local governance, serving constituents, and empowering community members.

As Ryan stated in his presentation abstract: “Embrace the possibilities as you embark on this journey towards a transformed future, where GovTech serves as the catalyst for positive change in your community.”