Pregame Picks: Public Safety Focus

Posted By: Kim Meinert Annual Conference,

We're highlighting Workshops and Tracks to get you excited for Game Day.  Which will you pick?  The full preliminary agenda is available here and Sched, our online scheduling system, will be up soon with the final agenda.

Are you getting asked to help out your public safety agencies more and more?  We've got some workshops and sessions that might be a really great jumping off point to get them what they need to keep people safe and organized.

On Wednesday afternoon, Esri will present their Special Event Management solution in a workshop that will give you time to ask questions and work hands-on to design solutions for mission critical operations, or just that 5K fun run you've been asked to support.  This workshop will include a short presentation on how ArcGIS supports special event management, a hands-on activity walking through the configuration of the Special Event Operations Solution and ArcGIS Mission, and even a field activity to showcase how responders can collect data and communicate during an event.

Later in the conference, we've got a whole track on Thursday from 10:30 to noon on public safety topics.  Have you already been asked to help with fire accreditation for some of the departments in your area?  If you haven't yet, you may be soon.  Learn from Tyler DeBruin on how the Town of Grand Chute used GIS and other resources to support their accreditation, the Esri Accreditation Solution, and why this milestone matters to local fire departments.

Next, everyone's favorite topic, NG911.  First, Jeff Ledbetter from DATAMARK will talk about why it's important to have not just good centerlines, but routable networks, and how a good network saves precious seconds in an emergency.  Finally, we hear from Cole Sutton from Pro-West & Associates on how to get your data ready if you haven't gone down that road yet, or are just starting your journey to NG911.  Even if you're further along, lessons learned to tweak your workflow might be just the thing you need to make your day more efficient.

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